SM10 Surface Grinding and Milling machine


AZ surface grinders are the ideal choice for all machine shops or high performance shops

CBN milling, grinding or combination machines offer extreme versatility. Fixturing that will set up all work pieces easy and function rapidly. Infinitely variable table traverse producing the exact surface finish desired for the wide range of gasket materials used. A power column to help the operator finish the jobs fast. Rugged cast iron base with precision ground and matched ways. Flat and "V" way construction assures accurate parallelism and side-to-side tracking. Precision ball lead screw increases sensitivity, accuracy, repeatability. High precision spindle bearings and heavy-duty precision construction allows operator to achieve low RA surface finishes, and factory desired micro-inch finish with ease.




Max. automatic table traverse
Vertical wheelhead traverse
Max. grinding width
Max. milling width with cutting tool

1030 mm
370 mm
340 mm
340 mm


Useful table surface
Min. and max. height table to wheel
Min. and max. height table to tool or milling cutter
Distance from column to table C/L
Segmental wheel diameter
CBN milling head (optional)

850x340 mm
110-610 mm
100-600 mm
250 mm
350 mm
350 mm


Grinding wheel rotation speed
Milling rotation speed (optional)
Rapid wheelhead feed speed, per minute
Min. and max. table traverse feed speed, per minute

730-1460 RPM
1000 mm/min
0-1650 mm/min


Grinding wheel motor power
Head movement motor power
Table movement motor power
Electric coolant pump

4 KW
0,18 KW
0,18 KW
0,15 KW

General Information