VGX Valve Grinding machine


No belts or electric pumps to replace. Pump is driven off the wheel spindle and direct drive motor for the wheel. The VG19 Valve Grinder/Refacing machine will reface the valve and also recondition the valve stem. The machine is easy to operate, the rigid base is cast and provides precision. The longitudinal and transverse carriages slide on dovetail guides, which make is possible to adjust the clearance. The transverse carriage moves the grinding wheel - is driven by the hand crank, where as the longitudinal carriage - serving to feed the work piece - is driven by the handle with adjustable stroke. The valve headstock has an adjustment range from 30° to 60°. The valve is clamped in the head stock by a collet, three collets are standard, which ensure maximum stiffness and best centering of the valve and high precision operations. The collet system offers the tightest concentricty for refacing the valve. Valve to adjust coolant flow. Uses water based coolant for the best finish and easy clean up. The standard machine includes coolant attachment with gear pump and settling tank, incorporated in the machine base.Options include steel base, rocker arm fixture, a wide range of collets and CBN grinding wheel





Min. and max. valve stem diameter admitted
Max. valve head dia. Admitted

6-16 mm mm
90 mm


Grinding angle
Grinding wheel diameter
Diameter of the straight-cup grinding wheel

180 mm
80 mm


Grinding wheel rotation speed
Spindle motor speed
Grinding wheel motor power
Spindle motor power
Pump power

0-2800 RPM (variabile)
0-55 RPM (variabile)
0,18 KW
0,11 KW
0,005 KW

General Information