VG28 Valve Grinding machine

The VG28 valve refacing machine has been designed to meat all needs of refacing valve head and reconditioning valve stem, by means of a special device it is possible to reface stems up to 25 mm diam. The collets chuck continuos revolutions variation and the rapid clamping device enable a quick and precise operating execution. The swivel plate ensures a high valve facing precision. The coolant system distribute the grinding fluid on both grinding wheels.




Min. and max. valve stem diameter
Max. diameter admited of valve
Grinding angle
Grinding wheel diamete
Grinding wheel speed
Spindle speed
Grinding wheel motor power
Spindle motor power

6-19 mm(25 optional)
1500 mm
180 mm
2800 RPM
0-120 RPM
0.55 KW
0.12 KW

General Information