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AZ854 Checking fixture


The conrod alignment tester is designed to meet with qualified engine reconditioner's requirements.
It allows checking conrod alignment with maximum speed and accuracy and is easy to use.
The tester is equipped with standard equipment consisting of a double square and 4 expanding shafts, allowing a check on a wide range of conrods; it can be pratically used on all conrods of cars and commercials now in circulation.Two centesimal dial gauges - 40mm diameter - c/w attachments are supplied, which, set on the tester, allow and even more accurate checking with an immediate reading of any existing distortion.


Size of ground surface

Max. conrod centre line560mm
Min. conrod centre line100mm
Diameter of expanding shafts32-40-48-75mm di diametro







  • 1 Checking square with two centesimal dial gauge
  • 1 Expandable pins for shaft of 48 mm. and 75 mm.: Lenght 28-38-48-62-72-82
  • 1 Expandable pins for shaft of 28 mm. And 40 mm: Length 21-28
  • 1 Shaft mm.28 for diameters between 29-41 mm
  • 1 Shaft mm.40 for diameters between 41-52 mm
  • 1 Shaft mm.48 for diameters between 52-76 mm
  • 1 Shaft mm.75 for diameters between 76-120 mm.
  • Main center square